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We specialise in installing many types of cladding systems to your new building. Our expert team will design and build a cladding system that is unique to you and your needs. Whether you're looking to maximise the energy efficiency of your property or looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building, contact our experienced team today.


We also specialise in the recladding of existing buildings, where old asbestos cladding needs to be replaced with more energy efficient systems. Our cladding professionals will have you covered from all corners with our steel assembly services.

Specialists in cladding system installation

• Specialists in many types of cladding solutions including aluminium, double skin,

  composite cladding and more.

• Flexible design options and vast versatility options within the construction process.

• We offer expert advice and free no-obligation quotes, tailored to you and your


• Specialists in the repairs and recladding of existing buildings, helping to enhance the

  life span of your building.

• We can complete cladding work as part of a complete new building project and we

  also provide energy conservation advice.

Why choose our cladding system professionals?

For all of your steel assembly services, get in touch with Industrial Building Services today, call

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Our cladding can help with your building's energy efficiency we specialise in a wide range of cladding systems for new and refurbished buildings IBS Logo