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Energy conservation is a worldwide concern. At Industrial Building Services we can help you reach national and international efficiency targets. Energy conservation can help businesses on multiple levels, from helping the company to receive funding to reducing energy bills. We aim to provide you with the best advice and resources so that you can better achieve your own and your government's energy targets.


An energy consultant can visit your company and provide you with aid in the form of advice or suggestions. With this you can start the process of moving your company towards an environmentally friendly, energy efficient organisation, making your staff and the people around you happier with their work.

Energy Conservation Company, based in Poole

• Commercial energy conservation surveys, helping cut the running cost of your


• Reaching and exceeding government targets for energy conservation.

• Reaching an energy efficient level for your company.

• Advice on where to receive grants and funding to better reach your energy goals.

• Renewable energy options to save you money as well as increase efficiency.

Our energy conservation consultants can help you with:

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